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How to Rent and Return
rental process

Steps to Rent and Return


Place your order over the phone or online.


Rental items will be delivered by our bike messengers or post office.


To return, put rental items into the return envelope. Drop the envelope into any post box in Japan.


After rental items are returned, we will send you a receipt email. Sample Invoice

Rental and Supplemental Items
rental supplemental items
Return Envelope
Post Box
post box in Japan

How We Calculate Rental Period

The rental period starts from the delivery date (Rental Start Date). The rental period includes Rental Start Date and Rental End Date. Please drop the return shipping bag into post box by 8am the next day of your Rental End Date.

Rental Start Date (Delivery Date) Drop the Shipping Bag into Post Box at Rental End Date Rental Period
7th June 9pm of 9th June 9th June 3 days
7th June 8am of 10th June 9th June 3 days
7th June 10am of 10th June 10th June 4 days