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Description You can use this prepaid card to take trains, subways and buses across Japan. No need to purchase a ticket from vending machines every time. You can also use this card for shopping at stations, convenience stores and restaurants, etc.
The number you can rent The number of free rental items you can rent should not exceed the total number of paid rental items you rent.
Valid Areas In addition to Tokyo area, this card can be used for transportation systems in the Sendai and Niigata, Hokkaido, Tokai, West Japan and Kyushu areas.
Why rent from us The free rental items should be rented with paid rental items. You can receive and return this card with your paid rental items to save you the process of purchase and return at JR stations.
E-money The Suica card provided by us is empty. You need to load cash at stations or convenience stores before use. Please use up all the loaded cash before you return it to us.
Recharge You can reload money to this card with cash at stations and convenience stores as many times as desired. The maximum amount you can load is 20,000 JPY.
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Suica's Valid Area
Source: East Japan Railway Company

Introduction Video of Suica
Source: East Japan Railway Company

How to Rent and Return

Add this item to your cart with any paid rental items. This item is entirely free.